211 in the RCM of Assomption: An information and referral service for citizens of the RCM 

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Montréal, April 10, 2017 -   “The implementation of the 211 service for citizens of the RCM of Assomption is another milestone in the deployment of the 211 service which is managed by the Information Referral Centre of Greater Montréal (IRCGM). It’s goal is to facilitate access to social and community resources for people who need help. The easily accessible phone service consisting of three numbers, 2-1-1, available 7 days a week, will give access rapidly to social and community RCM resources and those from the exterior who provide services to the community. Furthermore, an accessible Web site lists all resources highlighting nearby resources. Social and community workers and social counsellors now have a convivial tool to help people leave the circle of poverty and social exclusion. Finally, because of the social analysis resulting from statistics on received requests, municipal decision makers  will now be able to have a precise reading on social needs of the population, notably on the evolution of these social needs in regards to available resources,’ indicated Mrs. Pierrette Gagné, Executive Director of IRCGM.

The 211 has already been implemented in the Capitale-Nationale and Chaudière-Appalaches areas and in the RCM of la Haute-Yamaska. In the fall of 2016, the City of Laval implemented 211 while the City of Montréal opted for the deployment of the 211 database. The RCM of Assomption has joined the other cities and Canadian provinces that already offer 211 to its fellow citizens.  

According to Mrs. Gagné, the year 2017 will be decisive for the future of 211 of the Greater Montréal Region. ‘The municipal authorities of the Montreal Metropolitan Community recognize the pertinence of this low-cost service of proximity, a life preserver to citizens that don’t know who to turn to. There are real chances that the kick-off be given in the next year that will cover the metropolitan territory.’

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Marie Vaillant

Director of Communications

Telephone: (514) 527-1388, extension 215


The Information Centre of Reference of Greater Montreal celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. It offers bilingual information and referral services by phone, on-line and by printed directories to citizens and social field counsellors of the Greater Montreal. It manages the Referral Helpline for Seniors and two support, information and referral helplines, Drugs: Help and Referral and Gambling: Help and Referral.