Executive message

At the heart of the Strategic Plan adopted five years ago, one main challenge encompassed all others: that of renewal. This is what the Centre has been working on non-stop ever since. It is with this goal in mind that the Centre took a path of innovation and made great strides by accomplishing many plans and developments on all levels. From the start, a true technological revolution was carried out within our organization. So well in fact, that today our technology leadership is much appreciated by our partners. This comes through, namely, in our database, the www.211qc.ca web site, as well as, our information management and analysis tools.

Over the years, the Centre's team has also broadened its skills in order to pursue its transformation while adapting its intervention model to the evolution of social needs which run in parallel to the digital growth that never ceases to shake up the information landscape, including that of social info-referral.

The Centre also gave itself the objective of becoming even more accessible to every clientele, on every platform. We planned it, we had to do it, we did it! Interactive and user-friendly web sites were created, social network policies were put in place, as well as, many other elements were implemented in order to facilitate access to our services and to ensure the continuous dissemination thereof.

However, we must have the means for our ambitions. Solidifying the Centre's financial foundations has always been a priority and at the base of our developmental approach. Not only for diversifying funding but for its perpetuation as well. At this chapter, the last year of the Strategic Plan, 2017-2018 will indeed be that of financial consolidation thanks to our solid and long-term partnerships.

While assessing the progress, we can say that the results achieved at the end of the five-year plan bode well for the future and for what will follow. The many changes carried out over the years coupled with our good practices and with the quality of the team that is in place, will give us the ability to meet any present or future challenge. Let us get on the road for a 2020 vision by continuing to be inspired by the Goals established in the 2013-2018 Plan.

Pierrette Gagné

Executive Director