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Our mission: to inform and guide you towards the most appropriate resource
The Information and Referral Centre is an autonomous and bilingual non profit organization which offers free information on community resources of the Greater Montréal in terms of social security, health, employment, welfare, and recreation.
Here are a few example of the kind of help that the Centre offers:
Where could I get help from a food bank?
I am looking for transportation or assistance to take my father to a medical appointment.
I would like to donate furniture, clothing and household items. Do you know of an organization that could come and get them?
Do you know where I could have help with my tax income report at low cost?
Is there a place where I could take English classes?
I am looking for low cost activities.
I am looking for a supervised appartment or housing cooperative.
The Centre also manages specialized services, Referral Helpline for Seniors and two helplines available throughout the province, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Drugs : Help and Referral and Gambling: Help and Referral.
The press conference launching of 211Laval.ca: photo
Mathieu Chaurette, of IRCGM, explaining the 211Laval.ca Website
211 in Laval/ IRCGM : Proud Partner of the City of Laval
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Press release: IRCGM offers its condolences to Mr. Jean Lapierre and Mrs. Nicole Beaulieu’s family  
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Press release: (in French) Service 211 Laval - une première dans la grande région métropolitaine
Picture: Pierrette Gagné, Executive Director IRCGM and the Mayor of Laval, M. Marc Demers
Press Release: IRCGM, proud partner of the City of Laval in the implementation of the new 211 service
A word from Pierrette Gagné: March 8, for all of us!
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Press release: An info-referral telephone service, 7 days a week, for seniors of the Greater Metropolitan Area
Breaking News! IRCGM now has an Instagram account!
Press release:211 Day - 211: an added value for the metropolis
The Gazette covers our story about our new Directory on homelessness resources!
Directory of Community Services for Homeless people: available at The Information and Referral Centre
Media Notice:Launching of the Directory of Community services for Homeless People in the Greater Montréal area
IRCGM's Brigitte G.-Boudreau is in Bel âge Magazine!
"Helping through Information", the magazine l'Itinéraire is on our trail
Press release: Centre Mélaric’s Closure: The Information and Referral Centre of Greater Montreal is preoccupied


Great News
211, soon in Laval!

Because of our expertise in the field of info-reference for 60 years, IRCGM will provide in a very short while the Laval citizens with all the information that they need regarding Laval social and community groups, and about those outside of Laval that serve their needs and this, with the help of the Web site and by a telephone service facilitating access to our service: the 2-1-1.

This announcement was made on March 18 by Laval’s mayor, Mr. Marc Demers at a press conference conference in the presence of Louis-Philippe Bourgeois, Chairman of the Board of IRCGM and Pierrette Gagné, Executive Director, Mr. Mario Régis, vice-président Social Development of Centraide of Greater Montreal and of other distinguished guests.

Deployment of 211 in Laval

The new 211 service, for which the Centre is the manager, deploys in two ways, one via the Web...

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Executive message
60 Years … Listening to Your Needs

This year we are celebrating our 60th birthday. Sixty years listening to your needs while pursuing our mission To Inform and to guide you towards the most appropriate resource. It has been a challenge to persist in spite of social, political and economic changes, and not to forget the requirements of funding and the inevitable question of succession.

I am very proud of what has been accomplished for the last 60 years. IRCGM has always been faithful to its mission and values while progressing in its intervention modes. Technologically, our evolution has been spectacular! From small machine-typed index cards needed to collect information concerning social and community-based resources up to our database that permits the geographical positioning of resources of the Greater Montreal Area … there is a universe! But the accuracy of our information has never...


The Centre publishes periodically essential referral Directories

      Phone : 514 527-1375 Fax : 514 527-9712 Email : crgm@info-reference.qc.ca