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Territory served 
Press release : 211: A service for citizens now available on the Greater Montréal territory
Press release : 211 Day takes on its full meaning in Greater Montréal in 2018!
Press release : Launch of the 211 Greater Montréal Web Site FIRST PHASE OF THE 211 SERVICE IMPLEMENTATION IN GREATER MONTRÉAL
Press release : IRCGM Appointments
Press release : IRCGM and the MRC Thérèse-De Blainville  Together with 211 !
Press release : A major step has been taken today / 211 soon to be available to all citizens of Greater Montréal
Management of donations : Haitian Asylum Seekers
Press Release : IRCGM Publishes its 8th Edition of the Directory of Food Resources for Low Income People of Greater Montréal
Press Release: It’s Drugs: Help and Referral’s birthday!
Press release/ 211 in the RCM of Assomption : An information and referral service for citizens of the RCM
Press release: Access to Social and Community Resources of Montréal: The Data Base is Now On-Line!
Press release : 211-Day: On our way to implementing 211 on a metropolitan scale
Press release : Great news ! 211 will be implemented in the RCM of Assomption
In the News : 211 in Laval is now implemented !
The press conference launching of 211Laval.ca: photo
Mathieu Chaurette, of IRCGM, explaining the 211Laval.ca Website
211 in Laval/ IRCGM : Proud Partner of the City of Laval
Press release: We are celebrating our 60 years, come and join us!
Press release: Alcohol and drug users are worried and disarrayed
Press release: Marie Vaillant Nominated Director of Communications at IRCGM
Press release: Just a few more days before … income taxes
Press release: IRCGM offers its condolences to Mr. Jean Lapierre and Mrs. Nicole Beaulieu’s family  
In the News: Laval and IRCGM: Long live 211!
Press release: (in French) Service 211 Laval - une première dans la grande région métropolitaine
Picture: Pierrette Gagné, Executive Director IRCGM and the Mayor of Laval, M. Marc Demers
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