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Advisory Boards
The Information and Referral Centre of Greater Montréal has set up an Advisory Board for each one of its Help and Referral services in order to advise the Centre on the following key elements: 
  • The development and circulation of our databank for information and referral purposes;
  • The best practices, methods and information and referral tools used by the personnel;
  • The links to establish and maintain with various community organizations in order to facilitate referral;
  • The analysis of statistical data on the information and referral inquiries and the social problems thus underscored; 
  • Changes and trends to consider in the field of social development, drug addictions and gambling;
  • Close examinations of the requests for referral left unmet and the following appropriate steps;
These Advisory Boards are made up of representatives from both provincial and municipal governments as well as from Health and Social Services or community services. 

      Phone : 514 527-1375 Fax : 514 527-9712 Email : crgm@info-reference.qc.ca