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Centre’s Mission


TO INFORM individuals and groups about services pertaining to social security, welfare, health and recreation;
TO REFER individuals and groups to the particular organization capable of answering their personal needs; to communicate with agencies in order to facilitate the procedures and to follow up on the service rendered;
TO COLLECT data about the needs expressed by the callers, transmit these to the private, public and parapublic coordinating and planning organizations and cooperate with such bodies to improve available services;   

TO PUBLISH a regional Directory of community services and other specialized publications.

The Centre receives grants from Centraide of Greater Montréal and the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec.
Telephone: 514 527-1375
Fax: 514 527 9712
E-mail: crgm@info-reference.qc.ca


      Phone : 514 527-1375 Fax : 514 527-9712 Email : crgm@info-reference.qc.ca