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5 decades in action
Mrs. Jeannine Boyer, founder of the Centre, was a comedian for several years before a major change to a career in labour unions and later, in the social field. At the request of the Conseil des oeuvres, she founded the Information and Referral Centre of Greater Montréal on October 15, 1956. Thus, Montréal became the 3rd Canadian city to put in place this essential service after Toronto (1952) and Vancouver (1956). She was for 50 years the inspiration of the Centre’s mission: Helping through Information, with her compassion and her innate sense of social justice, two values still important for the Centre today. She has been instrumental in helping tens of thousands of Montrealers during her career of 33 years at the Information and Referral Centre. She was in a privileged position to witness the needs of her fellow citizens before and during the creation of the social and community services available today.
On August 1st, 1969, a charter was granted to the CENTRE DE RÉFÉRENCE DU GRAND MONTRÉAL-INFORMATION AND REFERRAL CENTRE OF GREATER MONTRÉAL by the Ministère des institutions financières, compagnies et coopératives de la province de Québec.
The Centre published its first Directory of Community Services of Greater Montréal in 1970. Today, this bilingual directory known as the Bible of Social Work has been updated with its 22nd edition. The reputation of the Referral Centre has been gained over the years through hundreds of thousands of requests for help, much research, and innumerable interventions in order to provide the correct response or the proper referral. Leader in the field of information and referral since 1956, the Information and Referral Centre of Greater Montréal offers quality services to all citizens and is recognized as a reliable source of information by the various social field workers concerned by the social problems affecting our community today. 
Fonds commémoratif Jeannine-Boyer
The Fonds commémoratif Jeannine-Boyer was launched in June 2008 during the Foundation’s 25th anniversary. This Fund, in memory of the Centre’s founder, is entirely dedicated to the development of the Centre‘s indispensable services and tradition of excellence in social information.

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